Midcoast Cardiovascular AssociatesConservative Therapy as a Vein Treatment Supplement

Conservative Therapy as a Vein Treatment Supplement

Taking care of your veins is an essential part of promoting healthy circulation throughout the body. While venous insufficiency, including the development of varicose and spider veins, is often unavoidable later in life, conservative therapy can play an important role in treating and managing the symptoms of venous disease.

Conservative therapy refers to the use of nonsurgical medical treatment to avoid or supplement invasive and minimally invasive vein procedures. At Midcoast Cardiovascular Associates, we offer comprehensive vein services, including conservative therapy through the use of professionally fitted compression garments.

Compression Therapy for Healthy Veins

Compression therapy is integral for those suffering from venous disease or for those recovering from a vein procedure. If you regularly experience aching, swelling or heaviness in your legs but are uninterested in undergoing surgical or minimally invasive treatment, then compression therapy can provide immediate relief from your symptoms.

Varicose veins develop when the one-way valves responsible for preventing backflow in the veins begin to fail. With blood no longer pumping back toward the heart and stuck in the legs, the veins fill and stretch outwards, creating uncomfortable symptoms and bulging, twisting varicose veins. Several factors can contribute to venous insufficiency including obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, aging and, most commonly, genetics.

Compression stockings apply constant pressure to the legs, gradually decreasing in strength from the ankles to the thighs. With daily use of compression garments, you can both prevent venous insufficiency from occurring if you have a family history of venous disease and manage ongoing symptoms after it has already developed. Compression garments also aid in vein treatment recovery by accelerating healing and promoting healthy circulation after the incompetent veins have been treated.

The Importance of Exercise and an Active Lifestyle

In addition to a system of one-way valves, the veins also utilize muscular contractions in the feet, calves and thighs to squeeze blood up the legs against the force of gravity. With an inactive or sedentary lifestyle, blood can flow backward and begin to pool in the legs. Exercise activates your muscles and pumps blood upwards, promoting proper circulation and healthy veins.

If you have a job that requires you to regularly sit or stand for prolonged periods of time, then exercise and compression therapy are highly recommended to prevent venous insufficiency and blood clots from developing. If you work a standard desk job, try going for walks regularly to keep blood pumping through your legs. You can also try flexing and tapping your feet and toes for a few minutes at a time throughout the day.

Conservative Therapy in Promoting Effective Vein Treatment Recovery

If you have recently undergone vein treatment or have an upcoming appointment, then be sure to work compression therapy into your vein treatment recovery routine. Compression garments should be worn day and night during the first three days of recovery to keep the treated veins closed and help the body restore proper circulation. After a few days of 24/7 use, compression garments should then be worn during the day for the next one to two weeks.

While vein treatments eliminate the symptoms of venous insufficiency by targeting the problem veins, you should consider wearing compression garments whenever possible to prevent symptoms from redeveloping down the road. Living an active lifestyle will also help avoid the need for additional procedures, as exercise keeps your blood circulating and your veins functioning properly.

Heart-Healthy Treatments at Midcoast Cardiovascular Associates

At Midcoast Cardiovascular, Dr. Ginkel and our team of vein experts want to help you eliminate unsightly and uncomfortable varicose and spider veins. Whether you are interested in comprehensive procedures like vein ablation and sclerotherapy or would like to focus on conservative therapy involving compression and exercise, we can personalize treatment that’s right for you. We offer professional compression garment sizing and a variety of different styles, colors and weights of compression stockings to provide you with accurate and effective treatment.

If you suffer from aching, swelling, skin discoloration or pain in your lower legs, then schedule an appointment with Dr. Ginkel to receive an in-person evaluation. Call Midcoast Cardiovascular today at 805-354-0112 to book your consultation.

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