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Varicose veins are not only a nuisance due to their appearance, but can be indicators of underlying deep vein thrombosis, so they need to be evaluated by an expert in vein function and cardiovascular diseases. At Midcoast Cardiovascular Associates, we treat every patient with the goal of improving circulatory health and mobility, which can be negatively impacted by varicose veins. Dr. Ginkel offers a venous mapping ultrasound to examine your veins and identify disease segments, to help him create your individualized treatment strategy. During these non-invasive tests, Dr. Ginkel can also make you aware of other problematic veins and offer preventative care for the reduction of future varicose veins. After your diagnosis and assessment, Dr. Ginkel will let you know what your options are for treatment, one of which may be microphlebectomy, or what is often referred to as an ambulatory phlebectomy.

What is a Microphlebectomy?

The microphlebectomy procedure is an office-based surgical extraction of insufficient veins that are not well-suited for treatment using traditional endovenous techniques. Typically, superficial veins that are very twisted or very large are best treated with this method. Historically, vein extractions have been painful inpatient procedures, but with microphlebectomy, you won’t have to step inside an operating room.

How Dr. Ginkel Performs Microphlebectomy

Before Dr. Ginkel begins preparing the area for microphlebectomy, he’ll need to perform vascular ultrasound mapping to find the beginning and end of the affected vein. After applying a locally injected anesthetic to numb the entry point for extraction, Dr. Ginkel will make a small incision in the skin – no more than two millimeters in length – over the affected vein. Dr. Ginkel will then insert a hooked instrument that will catch onto the varicose vein, pulling it from the skin and allowing it to be removed. Upon removal, the body will close off the vein naturally, and the now inaccessible vein will create scar tissue internally.

After Microphlebectomy

After a microphlebectomy, there are no stitches used to close the small incisions. Compression bandages and steri-strips are used to seal the area so that your veins can heal. There is minimal discomfort afterward, and compression stockings will be prescribed and fitted for you to support the rerouting of blood.

Compression stockings are a convenient and tolerable method of preventing additional varicose veins from appearing. Many patients come in wearing non-prescription stockings, and we immediately offer customized compression fittings, as wearing the wrong compression stockings can result in reduced circulation to your veins.

As soon as your microphlebectomy is complete, Dr. Ginkel will offer a plan for increased mobility, as well as exercises you can do to encourage healthy blood flow in your legs. You don’t need to live with varicose veins, and they can become more serious if you ignore them. Call Midcoast Vein today at 805-354-0112 to schedule your evaluation.

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