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VenaSeal Closure

At Midcoast Cardiovascular Associates, Dr. Ginkel’s patients are offered a variety of options to treat varicose and spider veins in a way that is both safe and tailored to their needs and their lifestyle. VenaSeal is one of our top nonsurgical vein closure treatments that removes the need for thermal and chemically modified applications. FDA approved in 2015, VenaSeal uses a synthesized polymer (or what we know as a biologically safe adhesive called cyanoacrylate) to seal diseased veins and prevent backward blood flow.

When we evaluate patients for deep vein thrombosis and venous disease, the most common vein that suffers is the greater saphenous vein. This vein is larger than most, and is often stressed based on its position in the upper inner thigh. We regularly see blockages and reduced blood flow in the saphenous vein during vascular ultrasound procedures, and it is usually the area we focus on when performing vein closure treatments.

Whenever any vein develops valvular insufficiency (or reflux), it may become varicose, and there’s no reason why you should leave it untreated. If ignored, varicose veins can create further damage in other veins, as pressure continues to build without relief. Once a varicose vein is removed from the system, the blood reroutes itself to other healthier veins nearby and restores the blood’s ability to flow efficiently.

Researching your options for removal or closure is an important first step, and Midcoast Vein offers many techniques for vein closure. VenaSeal is one option, and is performed much like other endovenous ablation procedures; a tiny needle is used to enter the diseased vein, and a handheld device that resembles a glue gun with a catheter attached to the tip is advanced painlessly to the disease area. The vein is closed by an application of cyanoacrylate solution which, when it comes in contact with your blood, creates an adhesive cap of fibrin in the area and occludes the diseased segment of vein. The closure is safe and permanent.

Benefits of VenaSeal:

  • Minimal recovery
  • Minimal pain or discomfort
  • No need for compression garments
  • Resume normal activities right away
  • Minimal bruising

Not all patients with varicose vein conditions will be candidates for this procedure – for some, the veins may be too large to treat using this adhesive treatment. The best option is to have a vascular ultrasound and diagnosis by Dr. Ginkel, then carefully consider your options. Call our front office today at 805-354-0112, and our staff will help you schedule your consultation.

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