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Fiber Optic Illuminator Vein Light

Vein light illuminators use fiber optic technology for accurate visualization and mapping of varicose veins. By providing outstanding visualization, this light assists in the treatment of damaged veins. It identifies and delineates veins with unprecedented accuracy, allowing sclerotherapy needles to be inserted precisely, and the ultra-bright halogen light provides uniform illumination of the skin on any part of the body. In addition, its C-shaped needle makes injections easier and safer, compared with standard techniques.

During a typical vein light assessment, the illuminator is used to create a source of light under your skin, revealing your veins clearly. This is accomplished by directing the illuminator towards your skin at a very specific angle, and allows the problem area of spider or reticular veins to be examined thoroughly.

Vein light assessment is used for telangiectasia (spider veins), and reticular veins (small, netlike veins), the veins least visible to the naked eye. Because Dr. Ginkel is better able to see the veins during treatment, the number of sclerotherapy injections needed is reduced and is more accurate.

If you suffer from unsightly spider or reticular veins and desire to “shine a light” on your problem call Midcoast Vein today at 805-354-0112 to schedule your vein light assessment. It’s fast, painless, and “illuminating.”

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