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Compression Therapy

In addition to vein removal – whether by RF ablation, phlebotomy or sclerotherapy – adjunctive conservative therapy with exercise and compression are paramount for successful vein treatment. Exercise activates muscle pumps located in the arch of your foot, calf, and thigh to massage venous blood back to the heart. If your veins don’t function normally, the incompetent valves will allow blood to flow backward between muscle pump activation, causing pooling and venous hypertension which leads to varicose veins. Compression therapy helps prevent this reverse flow.

The concept of compression therapy is simple: by applying graduated compression along the length of the limb, the compression garment will

  • Improve venous return
  • Decrease the pressure on the vein
  • Prevent blood from pooling and stretching the vein walls
  • Aid the body in pushing blood upward in the leg, against gravity, relieving pain and the heavy feeling in your legs.

A typical compression garment achieves this by applying the strongest pressure at the ankle, and gradually decreasing as it goes up the leg.

This treatment is prescribed to treat phlebitis and thrombosis, and as aftercare following sclerotherapy and any other forms of varicose vein treatment. It also helps to relieve most symptoms of chronic venous disease (heavy legs, varicose veins, edemas, leg ulcers)

Depending on the degree of your vein issues, compression therapy can be applied at different levels: socks, stockings, pantyhose, or bandages.

Effects of Compression

1. Hemodynamics effect

  • Increases venous blood flow
  • Decreases venous blood volume
  • Reduces reflux in diseased superficial and/or deep veins
  • Reduces a pathologically elevated venous pressure

2. Effect on tissue

  • Reduces an elevated edema in the tissue
  • Increases the drainage of nocuous substances
  • Reduces inflammation

At Midcoast Vein, we have access to a variety of styles, colors, and weights of high-quality compression garments. We understand that purchasing compression hose is an important investment in your venous health and treatment. The most common mistake made by the average consumer is inaccurate sizing. It is important for your comfort and treatment success that you obtain the correct size and compression weight garment. At Midcoast Vein all of our staff are trained and certified to accurately size your garment. Call us today at 805-354-0112 to schedule a free fitting, or follow the link to order additional garments.

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